Hey everyone - Halloween is upon us! The festivities will begin October 27th and go until November 17th, starting with the 18.8.6 update. I figured I'd put up my October letter a little early, there would be a lot of overlap between that and my Halloween Announcement.

Everyone is Invited! For the duration of AO Halloween, accounts that have been frozen and/or gone unpaid, and are in good standing, will be able to log in freely for the duration of the event! You can download either client here: Standard Client or New Engine. On Wednesday, I'll be updating the installers to bring you to the 18.8.6 version, but feel free to grab the client now and update in preparation.

Special Halloween Offer

Additionally, there will be a special 1-month subscription offer which will grant an 'Entvined Facemask' and the 'Phasefront Besom - Sky Sweeper' for those who take advantage of it! Any subscriptions that are renewed normally during this Halloween period, or any accounts that have GRACE keys applied to them during this period, will also be awarded these items!

The Pyramid is Open This update will open up the new 6-man high-level dungeon: The Pyramid of Home. The gateway into the Pyramid can be found within the main temple in Home, beyond a large door behind Number Nine. In order to enter this temple, you must meet one of the following requirements: Wearing some form of Nano Deck (Stellar/Activated/Base) Completed Guarding the Source Completed the Legacy of the Xan questline

Assemble your strongest team and challenge what lurks beneath the mysterious Pyramid of Home. Rewards include upgrades to Pandemonium Armor, 5k Token Boards, some unique HUD/NCU items, and more!

Halloween 2015 Uncle Pumpkinhead, alongside his Griefing, Ganking, and Harvesting brothers, shall be returning again this year. They have all acquired some extra treats, that they will guard with their devious tricks. They have also recovered a particular set of stockings, shirts, and other outfits which have been seemingly lost for several years. Send these Pumpkins back to their pumpkin patch and claim some new and old seasonal gifts!

The Entvined will be assaulting the Enigma Grove yet again as well. Confident in their victory, the Entvined Commanders are guarding remnants of a shipment of Miy armor. Attempt to defeat the seemingly endless hordes of Entvined and you may find yourself walking away with some exceptionally rare loot, including high quality Miy armor of all types, including cloaks...and a sweet t-shirt!

Free Loot & Item Shop Updates During Halloween, anyone who logs into the game will be able to claim free Pumpkin Helmet, to help celebrate the Halloween spirit. Subscribers will additionally be able to claim a Dancing Hiisi Doll, to both help celebrate the season and commemorate the release of the Pyramid of Home.

If you still need a Halloween costume, starting with this update, we will be offering a full Hiisi outfit, in addition to some new, social head items. Grab yours today!

Upcoming Updates Once the Pyramid of Home is released, the next major development will be building out The Reck. The intention of this playfield will be help players through the bulk of Title Level 4. I do personally look forward to working on a classic Rubi-Ka playfield and hope that everyone will enjoy exploring a new region of the planet.

Before starting work on The Reck, however, I do intend to devote some time to making some QoL and balance changes.

Thank you and Happy Halloween! It has been a challenging couple of months, but I am happy to finally be able to share what has been in the works with all of you. Thank you everyone for your patience. I have one small set of updates let to reach Testlive (mostly assigning more 'final' stats for the improved Pandemonium armor), and then the Halloween festivities will be ready to begin! Have a great Halloween, and month of November!

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