Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice November, and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrated it; I ate approximately my weight in turkey over a day or two. Anyway, let's begin!

The Reck As evidenced by some of the earliest of the Rubi-Ka planet maps, The Reck was an original zone, placed between Rome and Broken Shores. While it will fill this void on the planet map, however, it will be a level-locked experience. Players level 90-150 will be able to enter, and will be ejected once they reach level 161 or above.

After first looking at The Reck, it was clear that a lot of love and care had already been applied to it. It has been a treat to have such a large swath of Rubi-Ka land to freely play with. Throughout the expanse of The Reck, players will encounter many camps and outposts of varying levels of civilization. Despite being a heavily Omni-Tek controlled area at one time, The Reck has been infested by Entvined, Cyborgs, Mutants, a group of upstart mercenaries, as well as some other schools of unwanted creatures. Amidst this chaos, the Clans have secured a forward operating base in a distant corner of The Reck, while the remaining Omni-Tek forces have taken shelter in a fortified outpost near the outskirts of Rome. A large variety of missions, camps, and locations await players who enter The Reck.

This past month has been mostly working on the existing zone's world design and monster population. From the existing version of The Reck, many new places of interest and outposts were added. They've all had life breathed into them and the playfield as a whole feels vastly improved.

The goal of these final working weeks of the year is to populate the playfield with missions, and making the playfield feel even more alive and interesting.

Christmas 2015 For Christmas this year, Santaleet, Gingerleet, and the Gift-Wrapped Leet shall all be returning. Santaleet is back in the major cities on Rubi-Ka and will as usual hand out missions to help his Elfleets, so that they once again can bring happiness to the leets and citizens of Rubi-Ka. Additionally, Rubi-Ka will be have a slight overpopulation of Antleets and Iceleets that should be dealt with.

This holiday season we will be offering a new set of subscription offers, for 3, 6, and 12 months, alongside a new set of armor. These kinds of Subscription offers will be exclusive to holidays/New Years (December/January), and the AO Anniversary (June/July), so feel free to take advantage of this offer while you can. The Christmas Nophex 3D Printers will also be made available within the shop, if you missed some of those social items from last year.

As Christmas gets closer, I'll post up something in this forum with all the important details.

Thank You Another year is almost over. While it is a bit early to start declaring what's coming for 2016 and New Year's Resolutions, it is safe to assume that The Reck will be how the year will start. For me, personally, I will be working on being more accessible and having a larger presence where possible.

I mentioned it briefly in another thread, but I have been woefully behind on answering Private Messages, which is something I will have to start making more time for. Despite there being a staggering amount of issues to tend to, allowing community work to lapse is not acceptible and something I hope to improve. I also plan to make an ass out of myself on Twitch while running around AO (www.twitch.tv/funcom) that'll be a thing at some point.

Thank you everyone and I hope you have a great December! Santaleets are coming.

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