Hello everyone, I hope you've had a great March! It has been a long month, but I feel the fruits of our labor are worth it. Without further ado, here we go!

18.7 Changes The next, and probably largest, of the most recent 18.7 patches will be coming very soon; I am currently writing this letter while reviewing the last group of professions, in what I hope to be one of the final review phases before 18.7 is deployed to Live. Here are some of the larger features of this update:

Lost Eden Proc Changes The largest set of changes coming with this patch will be changes to Lost Eden procs, as many of them have been adjusted, changed Types, or redone entirely. These changes were mostly made to bring certain procs in line with changes made to their nano counterparts, while also trying to add some alternatives to the most commonly-used options. While some of these changes may be jarring, I do urge everyone to test them out before forming angry mobs!

Battlestation Changes While investigating an issue with Battlestation queues, we decided to change the team format of this PvP arena from being Clans vs. Omni-Tek to Red vs. Blue. With these changes in place, Battlestation rounds should be able to run more reliably and consistently. At the very least, it will be a fun social experiment.

Profession Changes This round of changes will serve to revisit previous changes, while also introducing adjustments I had previously planned to make, but could not find time for. Thank you once again to everyone who took the time to provide feedback on how the various professions are looking, and extra points to those who took the extra time of compiling this feedback into a handy list! A very brief set of the changes from this upcoming round include: Adventurers will be able to buff teammates via form-specific auras Nano Crystal (Pistol Mastery) can be uploaded and used by Bureaucrats, Doctors, Engineers, and Meta-Physicists Keepers will be able to raise Melee Energy, and some supporting skills, with greater ease Gageteer perks will actually work. Demolitions perks will also see some improvements, in terms of range and execution time. The Rihwen's creepy hotdog fingers will hit for more damage, and inflict poison damage Izgimmer has proven to be very gifted at buffing Matter Creation Offensive/Defensive Focus will last for 2 minutes

The full list of changes will be posted up once this patch has been prepared for Testlive.

18.7 is Coming very Soon, getting closer each day. It has been a very long journey with some unexpected twists and turns, but overall, I am very happy and proud of the end result. I once again greatly look forward to being able to share this patch with all of you.

Until next time, have a great April, everyone!

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