Hello everyone and Happy New Year! January is already behind us. The bulk of the month was spent on The Reck, it is pretty much ready to be opened up!

The Reck We have recently opened up The Reck on Testlive! Please feel free to log on Test and give it a try. I posted up a quick write-up about it here.

As previously stated, the intention of this playfield is to offer a new area to level up through the bulk of title levels 4 and 5. Between the various camps and the playfield-specific daily missions, I believe this playfield will offer a solution to those who have had difficulty making it through this section of leveling; if this proves to not be the case, I will work make it so. While the intention is not to completely trivialize certain other sources of XP, I do intend to have The Reck be a viable leveling option. Finally, in addition to being a source of experience, there are many classic and new dyna bosses to be hunted.

Upcoming Development Once The Reck has been shipped off to Live, the next set of additions will be to add several missions and challenges aimed at specific areas within the game. Rewards for these missions will be themed towards the mission's location and difficulty, and will reward more than XP and/or Tokens. These missions will cycle and have limited availability. Similar to Daily Missions, these will offer a simple set of objectives to complete each day, except they will all be focused to direct players to specific areas. I will provide more specifics on the nature of the missions and rewards as this system progresses further.

Subscriber Rewards In upcoming updates, we intend to expand the rewards for being a subscriber, through both the Veteran Shop and via additional rewards based on months subscribed, starting from the launch of this system. The Veteran shop has stagnated for a long while and I intend to add in some more meaningful rewards to be worthy of spending those precious Veteran Points. To add more value to being a subscriber, at various month markers, some new account-wide rewards will be unlocked. We hope to have this system launch in the coming months and I look forward to giving out some new rewards. The reward list and schedule should be made available closer to the launch date.

Thank You! This month moved by pretty quickly. It's a new year with the holidaze behind us, with no real shortage of work to do. While I was unable to finish everything I set out to, the next milestones should be lighter and allow for goals to be completed in parallel. The Reck should be ready for live soon, and I cannot wait to share that, and everything else that's on the way, with all of you. Thank you all and have a great February!

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