Hello everyone! February has been a good month, allowing for a lot of planning and progress to be made towards the next set of content. The main objective of this is to further incentivize and improve existing content on Rubi-Ka, opening the door to a set of updates with the focus of fixes and improvements to the game.

The Reck & New Map Earlier this month, we released The Reck! Information on this update can be found here. We recently released a small update to address some initial issues with the playfield, and will continue to make adjustments as needed; the next update will balance some camps to be more accessible to smaller groups or solo players. The main purpose of this playfield was to create additional avenues for XP gains, allowing for leveling to be more possible for a larger population, and lessening the reliance on things such as Elysium kite teams. I would like to further expand the list of available quests, and eventually incorporate a dungeon into the playfield, but these will be side-endeavors and passion projects of mine, when time makes itself available.

As a bonus to everyone, bundled with the update was an updated default planet map, in addition to a more detailed map, from Saavick!

A New Peacekeeper Arrives The next larger AO update will introduce a new Peacekeeper, representing ICC: Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero. He will be offering special assignments to eligible candidates to help handle some growing threats around Rubi-Ka. From the rising cultist threat in Greater Tir County, to the Dust Brigade, to the Kyr'Ozch, Palmiero is prepared to enforce Peace wherever possible. After completing objectives and defeating some enemies, old and new, he is prepared to offer some rare and valuable rewards. Completing his missions will also grant a new sort of currency to be used to obtain some additional unique rewards.

Arbiter Palmiero will have a busy schedule, only being available for a limited amount of time each month. His missions are designed to take some effort, but offer appropriate compensation. These missions will also offer some added benefits to participating in them. For example a ToTW mission will grant increased run speed and experience gains when inside of ToTW.

I intend to have the first round of these updates completed during March. With the initial groundwork set, it should be easier to add more of these kinds of missions, going forward.

Thank You! February came and went past in a flash, but I hope to have more to add to Rubi-Ka in the coming weeks. With these changes out of the way, this will free up a lot of time to devote solely to QoL improvements, balance issues, and bug fixing. I will try to include some of these changes in the next major update, but focus will be given to getting Palmiero's missions implemented. Finally, plans for the 15th Anniversary have begun.

Have a great March, everyone!

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