Hello everyone, I hope you've had a great August! Most of this month has been spent inside of a dank dungeon.

The Pyramid of Home Much progress has been made with the upcoming Pyramid of Home dungeon! To recap, this will be a 6-man dungeon with 4 boss encounters. I plan to have all the bosses fully functional by the end of next week, and the whole encounter content complete towards the end of September, which is when I hope to ship it to Testlive.

While there will be 4 boss fights within the dungeon, there will be a total of 6 possible bosses to encounter, all of which have their own methods to deal with pesky invaders. Beyond these boss fights, in order to proceed further in the dungeon, a certain amount of coordination between team members will also be required; timing will be key.

I will be saving some more specifics on the individual monsters and their rewards for next month's update, though it may be worth it to gather up and/or dust off all of that old Pandemonium armor.

Upcoming PvP Changes In an upcoming update (some time after 18.8.3), changes will be made to how the /assist command and Target's Target functionality work. Specifically, this command and GUI feature will not work if the Target's target is a Player. While this will drastically change how certain PvP venues operate, we feel this change will make PvP feel more engaging and less automated.

18.8.3 Patch This patch is pretty much ready to go and should be heading towards the Live servers soon, barring any additional unexpected issues. There were a few internal hangups, but those are now behind us. This small patch is currently on Testlive for anyone curious.

Thank You It has been a busy month, but it is always invigorating to create new and fresh content. I hope everyone will enjoy this dungeon as much as I've enjoyed making it!

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